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Metal Lockers

Most lockers fall under the category of Metal Lockers due to the durability and flexibility of sheet steel. All steel construction allows customizing your storage needs without going over budget.

Choose from a colorful selection of box and wardrobe lockers designed for kids. Sturdy construction, louvered for ventilation, and padlock ready.

Wood Lockers

Our wood lockers come in a variety of wood grains, stains, and door styles to accommodate any decorating style. The possibilities are endless!

Plastic & Phenolic Lockers

For an alternative to the common steel locker, we have plastic and phenolic lockers. Each type has unique properties that may be advantageous in certain conditions.

Stainless Steel Lockers

Stainless Steel wardrobe and box lockers offer a rich appearance coupled with natural corrosion resistance and durability making this attractive locker a perfect fit in most locations and conditions.

Locker Accessories

Browse locker accessories such as side panels, sloped tops, and various base options.

Buy Lockers Online

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