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Wood Lockers

Our wood lockers come in a variety of wood grains, stains, and door styles to accommodate any decorating style. The possibilities are endless!

Phenolic Lockers

VersaMax Phenolic Lockers are the most durable lockers available. The unique non-porous surface resists mold, mildew, and bacteria and is also water proof and graffiti and scratch-resistant

Hybrid Lockers

The prestige of fine wood at the affordable price of KD, Hybrid Lockers are constructed of a metal Locker frame with doors made of furniture-grade finished wood.

Plastic Lockers

Solid plastic lockers are great for wet or corrosive environments where other lockers won’t hold up. Great for swimming pools, water parks or anywhere there is water or corrosive materials!

Medsafe Antimicrobial Lockers protects against dangerous microbes for up to 20 years!

Locker Accessories

Browse locker accessories such as side panels, sloped tops, and various base options.

Buy Lockers Online

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Everything you need in a locker can be found right here. Huge selection of metal lockers, stainless steel lockers, plastic lockers and even kid lockers in stock now, or find what you need with custom-designed Wood, Phenolic or Plastic Laminate lockers. If you need a locker, chances are we have what you're looking for right now in our warehouse! Professional quality, designer colors and styles, and upscale elegance - we offer all this to you at industry best pricing!!! Not only can we ensure you will get the best products, our shipping team can get any order ready to ship in 5-10 business days!!!